Ottawa Chinese Cooking Studio

Japanese Menu

Tempura, Udons, Beef, Chicken, Seafood and Vegietarian Dishes

Appetizer DessertTempura
  • Seafood spring roll
  • Rolled omelette
Onigiri (Rice Ball)
rice ball platter
  • Egg rice ball
  • Vegetable rice ball
  • Inari rice ball
  • Mushroom rice ball
  • Masago rice ball
Side Noodle Dishes
Curry Rice
  • Beef curry rice
  • Japanese noodle
  • Yakisoba
  • Soy sauce flavoured ramen noodle
Donburi Salad
  • Katsudon (Breaded and deep fried porkloin on rice)
  • Oyakodon (marinated chicken on rice)
  • Soybeans with mixed vegetables
  • Spinash with seasame dressing
  • Japanese coleslaw
  • Peanut salad
  • Potato saladnew
Miso Soup
Main Dishes
  • Snow peas with pounded sesame dressing
  • Kabocha squash in teriyaki saucenew
  • Simmed vegetable with sauce
  • Green beans dressed with mayonnaise

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