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Personalized Gift Certificates (instant or e-certificates)

Gift Certificate (including gift card) is the perfect gift for everyone, especially when it's redeemable for learning and making their favourite delicious Asian dishes among 300+ choices! Available in any denominations and redeemable for all types of hands-on cooking lessons. With a gift certificate, one can sign up for any cooking classes, including weekly scheduled classes, private and in-home cooking sessions.

Our Studio has been offering fun and easy hands-on sushi, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian Thai, vegetarian and Chinese cooking lessons for many years. All of our cooking classes are hands-on and start from scratch. Moreover, every class is also a dinner consisting of the dishes made in class and some complimentary items, depending on the cooking menu.

Electronic gift certificates (a.k.a. e-certificates, or instant gift certificates) can be delivered by email, so that you can print out on your own printer.

How to Order a Gift Certificate?

Every gift certificate is personalized according to the purchaser's instructions. To purchase a gift certificate (including e-certificate), we generally need the following information so that they could appear on it (but optional):

  1. The names of both the gift giver(s) and recipient(s) (i.e. the FROM and TO, see the samples below);
  2. The denomination;
  3. Your short greetings, such as Happy Mother's Day, Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, Thank You, Happy Anniversary, or Happy Valentine's Day!

Please send in your instructions by email. Usually, a gift certificate can be customized and then e-mailed out within an hour after the payment has been received.

Payment Methods

Payment methods are as follows:

  • INTERAC e-Transfer, i.e. INTERAC Email Money Transfer (if you bank online): Please use this e-mail address to proceed;
  • Cheque: Please contact us for detailed instructions;
  • PayPal: Transactions can be made through PayPal's official website (click Here), where credit cards are accepted. For all transactions via PayPal, however, you will have to add a 5% processing fee on top of the total amount. Please contact us for more information.

The easiest way to order is via email.

Gift Certificate Samples

Gift Voucher Blue Christmas
Valentines Day New Year gift certificate
e-certificate Gift Certificate
Gift Coupon Happy Birthday!

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