Ottawa Chinese Cooking Studio

Amazing Gifts: Hands-on Asian Cooking Classes or Lessons

When You Want to Sign Her or Him Up ...

The so-called "Gift Class or Lesson" is for someone who would like to invite and sign up his or her family, friend or any other person to participate in a certain hands-on cooking class, or to have their own cooking party. Please refer to the Schedule of our Scheduled Cooking Classes for detailed information. In such a case, if you want to present her or him something prior to the class, please let us know via email so that we can issue something like a gift certificate for your guest.

When a Gift Certificate Becomes a Better Choice ...

There are a few ways available for you to purchase gift certificates for your family, friends or colleagues. With a gift certificate, they can easily redeem it whenever they want for a unique and enjoyable hands-on Asian (including Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian) cooking lesson or cooking party. We also have vegetarian cooking courses available. Further information on how to order a gift certificate can be found on the page of Gift Certificates.

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