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Photos Taken from Children's Cooking Classes
Hands-on Cooking Classes for Children

*Exploring the Secrets of Asian Cuisine

We encourage you to taste new things and learn how to use new ingredients. We will help you discover the process and pleasure of cooking and sharing experience. Let’s explore the secrets of Asian cuisine! Start off with Vietnamese Fresh spring rolls with cooked meat, glass noodle and vegetales; then Dipping sauce and Chinese Fried dumplings with ground pork and vegetables; and finish off with Thai yummy dessert Coconut-mango rice pudding.

*Fun with Sushi

We will learn and make tasty sushi that for sure you are going to love and want to prepare for your family and friends. It’s a fun-filled cooking class where you have the opportunity to learn how to make your own sushi through the hands-on cooking session. Let's experience different ingredients from Japan. You will create your own Rainbow sushi roll with assorted vegetables and fruit on top,; Crab  sushi roll; Vegetable sushi roll; and Onigiri (i.e. rice ball) with different shapes and fillings.

Children's Birthday Party*
Suggested Packages:

Chinese Food Fun
We will make Shao Mai,  
Chicken Chow Mein and baked wontons stuffed with apples.

Japanese Food Fun
We will make steamed dumplings and dipping sauce, sandwich nigiri (rice ball), and healthy and delicious vegetables salad.

Asian Food Fun
Start off with seasonal Vietnamese appetizer -- Fresh spring rolls and dipping sauce, then Chinese – 
Wonton soup, and finish off with Thai -- Coconut-mango rice pudding.

MENU for Children

We are offering fun and easy hands-on Asian cooking birthday parties for kids. The kids will have fun making and eating the entire meal!

We have a variety of menu options especially meant for kids. We can also modify the menu if your child has a favorite item that he or she would like. For your reference, we listed a number of dishes on the MENU. They are very popular and child-friendly, and as much fun to make as they are to eat!

Each child will get a  fortune cookie and take home a set of recipes, and also receive detailed instructions on using chopsticks. We also provide napkins, tableware and beverages.

Fees are based on a 10 children minimum. When booking the date for the party, a NON-REFUNDABLE down payment of $150 or 40% of the total charge, whichever is more, is required. The balance is due on the day of the event. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Make Their Birthday Party a Wonderful Memory with our cooking studio!

Unless otherwise indicated, all lessons are taught in English.

Gift Certificates available for children. Click here for details.

* The schedule is subject to change without notice. Please e-mail us for confirmation.
* Unless otherwise indicated, all lessons are taught in English.
To register, please see the Registration page.

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