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Thoughtful and Perfect Gifts: Embroidered Aprons and Pure Cotton Unisex Aprons

Aprons make a very thoughtful and perfect gift for many occasions such as birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Holiday, Anniversary, Easter, and Housewarming. They are often used as thank you gifts, and can also be special treats for you and your family anytime. They are the perfect gift for your favourite cook. Please place your order by email.


Embroidered Aprons

Our versatile embroidered aprons are of high quality, made of thick cotton, and are all embroidered. They create something that will be worn proudly every day. Stay clean and look good while cooking, grilling or painting with one of our practical and durable aprons at a great price.

Apron: Gift
Embroidered Apron

The embroidered aprons come with different sizes, $25 each. Please email us to order.

Pure Cotton Unisex Aprons

A bunch of brand new pure cotton unisex aprons (see pictures below) are also available.Ideal as gifts or for personal use.

Aprons: Gift
Aprons: Christmas gifts

Two colours available: Beige and Blue. $15 each.

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