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Real hands on cooking, you make every single dish!

With a strong recommendation from my sister-in-law, my wife and I participated in a hands-on Chinese cooking class last December. Chef Nancy was not only a gracious host, but also a very knowledgeable chef with excellent cooking skills. Anyone can learn and cook with confidence, no matter you are a beginner or good at cooking. Fun with new friends.

It was really hands-on and I made every single dish on the menu with the other participants! The food was as good and tasty as you'd expect, and we were thrilled to learn how easy it is to make General Tso's chicken, spring rolls as well as hot and sour soup etc.

This class was really fun. There were only 5 of us, which I thought was perfect. I also took away some great cooking tricks and tips from Nancy. We had the best time! I am glad I took the class and will definitely try their Indian and Thai cooking lessons.

If you're considering a local cooking class or cooking school, I fully recommend them without hesitation.

For visitors, it’s definitely a great alternative if you like to learn how to cook authentic Asian food and pick up great cooking tips. If you are in Ottawa - this is a must!
---- Mark K

Great food, great learning, great people!

Several of my cousins and family members have participated in Nancy’s Sushi class and we have enjoyed it very much. All the organizational arrangements were very clear although we had twelve people total. Nancy is everything you could wish for in a teacher: skilled, professional, encouraging and at the same time great fun. Her teaching style is very clear and easy to follow.

She delivers the course systematically and is always ready to respond any questions about the steps. I highly recommend her to anyone who is the beginner or even advanced in Chinese cooking. We had a great time and enjoyed the teacher!
----- Olivera N

Great environment, learned a lot

My friends and I first participated in a class early this year when my friends recommended them to me. We took a 'scheduled class' (listed on their website) that took place at the chef's place (plenty of free parking on the street).

The Thai cooking class had a very friendly atmosphere; especially great for meeting new people (young couples, singles, students, seniors, etc). Everything was very hands-on with us making everything from scratch (to be enjoyed as soon as the dish is cooked).

I tried the Pad Thai recipe a week later at home, and it was a success! Had some questions on what type of vinegar to use, so emailed them and they got back to me with a picture of the bottle and where to buy it.

In September, they also came to my place to do a sushi class for my sister's birthday. Easiest party planning ever! They took care of everything from cutting boards to the wasabi. Price was reasonable (pretty much the same price of a 'scheduled class'). At the end, everyone was very full with plenty to take home for lunch the next day.

Definitely recommend. Would suggest to try their 'scheduled class' first to get an idea of what it is like.
--- Cassandra C

Sushi-making classes

  • My girlfriend and I attended  two of their hands-on sushi making workshops last month, as we received a gift certificate from my parents. The instructors were very nice and patient. We had a great time learning how to make different kinds of sushi, and even brought some extra sushi home. It was so tasty! As sushi-lovers, we are now able to make our favourite sushi at home. We will be sure to recommend the Ottawa Chinese Cooking Studio to our friends and colleagues, and are looking forward to taking their Thai cooking class to learn how to make Pad Thai and red curry chicken. Yummy ;-) ---- Chris K. Ottawa
  • We had a wonderful time at the sushi class Saturday evening. Thank you for making it so fun and easy. Suzanne
  • Thank you sincerely for the Easy Sushi class, Rebecca and I enjoyed it very much. We hope to sign up for the Savory Sushi when it is offered next. Kathy
  • I had a great time learning how to make sushi. I look forward to attending another class. I will send my registration fee soon. Thanks again! Mike
  • Thank you very much for the wonderful sushi workshop on Saturday. I had so much fun, and learned A LOT! I'm looking forward to your next Fancy Sushi workshop. Thanks so much! Maria
  • I just wanted to thank you! My mother-in-law had a FANTASTIC time last week. She took the sushi making course and had a great time - she even brought some extra sushi home and it was so tasty! Thanks again for a great experience! Jen

Thai cooking

  • Just wanted to say thank you for the lesson on Sat evening the 29th. I have since made the summer rolls and actually did a pretty good job. Very tasty. Thank you again. I have been recommending you to all who ask about our class. Heather
  • Hi Nancy, Thank you for the cooking class, we both really enjoyed it. We made the fried bananas for the kids last night and they really enjoyed it! Next on the list is the chicken fried rice with the pineapple. Hoping you had a good valentine! Sophie and Grant
  • I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of Rachelle and myself for the wonderful evening we had yesterday. We will be sure to recommend you to our friends, and I am looking forward to eating the leftover red curry beef later. Alex

Vietnamese cuisine

  • Mark and I wanted to thank you both again for such a wonderful experience Friday. The food we made was so simple and fresh yet very delicious. We are definitely going to try making some of those dishes again for ourselves, especially the lemon grass beef and Vietnamese chicken sandwich. We will definitely keep the Ottawa Chinese Cooking Studio in mind for future events! Thank you, Hang and Mark
  • My Father and I attended the Vietnamese class recently and found the 3 hour long class to be great value for our money. First the food was wonderful and the instruction clear. Second the knowledge provided on actual Techniques was invaluable, from simple knife work advice to use of a loose tea holder for spices for Pho. Third the advice on where to find some hard to find ingredients was also very much helpful. Pens and recipes are provided so if you take notes finding the right brand of coconut milk isn't that hard. We are signing up for another class in March and hopefully arrange a cooking party with friends sometime in the spring.
    --- Michael W. Manotick, ON
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